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THINKING, thinking, thinking...

It makes me think of the little spinning wheel or arrow in the middle of the screen.  It's thinking right, well maybe it's working but none the less we have a little time to kill.

What are you thinking about in these times?  Life, the next task on your to do list, what's for dinner tonight?  The truth is it probably isn't anything of any significance in your life at all.

I have found that when I actually take the time to sit down, uninterupted, and just simply think about things I am able to get a little clarity on the different issues in my life.

3 KEY STEPS to Thinking

1. NO DISTRACTIONS for this thinking time! Put the phone in airplane mode.  YES!  The world will keep spinning without you for 10, 20 or 30 minutes while you think!  You need this time to focus on just simply thinking on a topic.  Set a timer for the exact time you're allowing yourself for this thinking time.

2. BREATHE!  Take 10 deep, full chest breaths to clear your mind and...

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